Our science is based on the most fundamental and critical function of the immune system: Detection and elimination of viruses.

A large body of scientific data demonstrates that circulating, extracellular RNA is the primary trigger of type I interferons in the human immune system:  Our drugs eliminate these nucleic acids and decrease autoimmune inflammation.

The human immune system is designed to detect and protect the body from invading microbes and viruses. Large families of pattern recognition receptors identify RNA in the circulation, a hallmark of viral infection, and respond with a robust, pleiotropic activation of cytokines. The activation of the recognition receptors mobilizes the immune system to eliminate the invading virus. Many patients with lupus and Sjögren’s have circulating RNA-containing autoantigens, which mimic the initial steps of viral infection and lead to the production of autoantibodies

As a result, this causes a chronic state of inflammation in these autoimmune patients. Resolve has demonstrated in clinical studies with over 200 lupus patients that the presence of RNA-containing autoantibodies is statistically correlated with the activation of the immune system. These findings led to the discovery and development of nuclease therapy, an innovative therapy which is designed to “clean” the blood of patients with autoimmune diseases by removing the nucleic acids causing chronic inflammation.

Our Novel Nuclease Platform